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This is the personal blog of Florian Boor. I work as an independent software architect, consultant and developer for kernel concepts. I am involved in several open source projects for mobile devices such as OpenEmbedded, GPE and GPE Phone Edition.
More information about my activities are available from my website.


1. EB - July 27, 2008

Hey Florian!

Thanks for the plucker version of “Programming in Lua”.

Best Wishes.

2. sirderigo - May 28, 2009

hi florian, i hope you are O.K

i have a htc tornado, and i see your post, i want to know if you make something else in that project, i want to run linux on it, i have a few smartphones and i want to run linux on all of them.

tank you very much.


3. wittend - October 18, 2010

I received a mini6410 board and 7″ display a little hile back, but only recently got serious about working with it. It turns out that the board I received came preloaded with a display configuration for a 4.3 display. On booting the board/LCD combination, I could not read anything. After some thought, I attached a 4.3 display from a mini2440 purchased earlier. It almost worked, some icons were visible and the Qtopia layout was visible on the upper 3/4 of the display. Still not much use, obviously incorrect parameters.

Rather than attempting to reset the display manually, I decided to set up an OE environment on an Ubuntu 10.4 laptop and do a complete build for the mini26410 as I intended to begin with.

I have a complete setup working to do OE bitbakes for the mini2440. But nowhere can I find a suitable recipe for the mini26410, the Samsung S3C6410, or any recognizable derivative. And I do not know enough to
derive it on my own from the Samsung manual.

If you could offer any suggestions, they would be appreciated. If not that, if you could suggest suitable parameters for the display, that would be helpful, too.



4. Prabhakar - June 7, 2011

Hi Florian ,

I have mini2440 board with 128Mb Nand Flash, I have loaded linux onto it.the issue with is root file system , i wanted to built root file system other than qtopia. could you help me in guiding.

Thank You

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