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Fixing the NCDC 2015 0khz failure April 10, 2013

Posted by Florian in World.
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It took me a while to find out, but it is possible to fix a Siemens NCDC 2015 car radio (ok they call it “entertainment system”) suffering from the “0khz” problem quite easy.

The story: I usually drive old cars… my current one is an Opel Omega from 2001 and that one came with the NCDC 2015. Actually its the kind of retro technology I like: No iPod connector, no USB and similar interfaces but two CD drives for five CDs in total and in combination with the Bose speaker system the sound is quite good… the usability has some limits: Using it I tend to ask myself questions like these: Why do I have a way to display the balance settings but not for the volume setting?

Anyway, one common failure of this device is that they have a problem with power loss (e.g. flat battery or removal from the car without removing fuses before. The symptoms in most cases are that you see “0 khz” in all station entries and no sound at all (neither from tuner, navigation or CD). I found a hint how to fix it in a Polish electronics forum (elektroda.pl). Obviously the device ends up with data in an 24LC16 EEPROM it is not able to handle and the firmware does not know how to recover from. I have seen some hints that the successor of the 2015 has a maintenance mode with an option to reset the EEPROM.

The most simple solution seems to be to replace the EEPROM with a new and empty one. Its quite easy to do and a replacement EEPROM is cheap, less than EUR 1 if you are lucky. I made a little bit more detailed description in the hope it might be useful for someone else.

So what do we need?

  • Tools for removing the device from the car
  • T8 Torx crewdriver
  • Soldering equipment
  • 24LC16 EEPROM (SMD, SO8 case)

The hardest part is to remove the device from the car… there is no way to do it without cursing ;) Important: Disconnect power before removing it, it is reported that removing these with the battery connected caused

There are two screws that hold the upper cover which are easy to find. Just remove the cover and you will see something like this:


Now remove the four marked screws in order to remove the CD drive. Take care of the FCC cables below. Remove the cables after unlocking them by moving the black mount of the socket in the direction of the cables (not by lifting them!).

Now you can see the cause of the “brain damage”:Image

Unsoldering the EEPROM is a little bit tricky. If you have access to hot air soldering equimpment it is going to be easier. Take care about orientation and not to damage the pads replacing the IC.

Put the pieces together and the NCDC 2015 back to the car.

For me this procedure worked pretty well. I still see some strange effects like that the tuner did not fill the station list completely and maybe the sound has changed a little bit. Maybe some input sensitivity setting was hardcoded in the EEPROM. Is there any one out there who knows some details about what gets stored in there?


1. Kay - August 14, 2013

I had the same problem not filling the station list and I reprogrammed the eeprom with a backup from another one which was working.

2. Costentin - November 5, 2013

Hello, I’had this problem with NCDC 2013 (Omega B 2000 to 2001).
Is that the same solution to do ? Where can I find this Eprom ?

Florian - November 8, 2013

I have never seen a NCDC 2013 in real life, but I’d guess the devices are quite similar and the EEPROM is in the same location.

3. Stijn - December 22, 2013

As Omega owner i really like you posted this fix.
Might come in handy once…

4. oliver - January 3, 2014

Es funktioniert, heute ausprobiert, vielen Dank.
Yes it works, today i have try it, thank you very much !!!!!

5. Nenad - January 22, 2014

I have Opel Signum with NCDC 2013. And the same problem.
Thank you man, it works!!!

6. Dennis Vaughan - August 19, 2014

My problem with the 2015 is different. It keeps switching on the radio and the telephone screen shows to call the emergency number. It switches off in less than a minute. Beeps when it switches on and off. Of course, the battery runs down. Any answers?

Dennis vaughan

Florian - March 30, 2015

I have not seen this before… but it might be a good idea to check the front panel. Maybe one of the buttons is broken and got struck… at some point the device decides that something is wrong and reboots.

7. loic costentin - April 8, 2016

Hello Florian,

I’ve an other problem with my NCDC2013 that no one found. Perhaps you had already seen this problem. It’s about a message and a bip which appears all 2 seconds; It’s written “Radio SAFE”. Opel can reset with Tech2 but Tech2 don’t detect my NCDC2013.So, they can’t repair this problem. As you know this radio station, perhaps you have the solution. Thanks a lot !


Florian - May 29, 2016

This pretty much sounds like it has not been unlocked properly. From what I know about the theft protection there is not much you can do about it apart from unlocking it in the original car (or with all original peripherals connected) and the matching car PIN. Once it has been unlocked it should start to work in your car but the message still appears (but less frequently and without beeps). After that Opel should be able to lock it again using the pin of your car and the message disappears…

8. Angel - August 15, 2016

Hello Kay ! How to take backup for reprogramming of the EEPROM. I can not find such working radio. Please help me!

Florian - August 29, 2016

you do not need a backup – an empty EEPROM seems to be sufficient.

9. Petter Halonen - November 25, 2017

I have bought an NCDR 2011 and Cid display for my 2001 omega 2,6v6 elegance
I had to add a few ekstra cables for the display, and I’m pretty sure the cables are correct now.
The display works perfect except from no contact with the radio.
The problem is that the head unit seems to be defective. :( The symptoms are as follows: no contact with the Cid, radio turns on and search a radio station . I can’t change Chantal or program it.
If I put in a cd everything seems normal, cd spinns up and the radio is muting, getting ready to play the cd. Then nothing…. No sound at all. When I try to push nav or bc, nothing happens.
I am a professional radio repairman, but can’t figure this out. ???
The donor car was a 2,2 diesel, and the seller told me everything was working before he took it out of the car.
Do you think faulty eprom could be the reason for this fault symptoms.? :-\
I have used the osciloscope on the Hi-can and Lo-can output and the cansignal is there.

Petter Halonen

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