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LinuxTag Summary July 6, 2009

Posted by Florian in OpenEmbedded.

Finally… back from LinuxTag I had to go through a big pile of mails and write a lot of answers. I hope I didn’t forget too many important replies :-)

I spent most of the time at the OpenEmbedded stand and even with enough OpenEmbedded people at LinuxTag I didn’t manage to attend a single talk. But the OE presentation was much better prepared compared to last year: We had a nice A0-sized poster with the new logo, Marcin brought 2500 printed flyers and we had adhesive tape. (Adhesive tape is useful because people in the neighbourhood of your booth are going to like you :-) Of course we had interesting devices to show: I collected some decices at home and at the office with the focus on useful devices to get started with embedded Linux (such as the BeagleBoard and a Micro2440).

I built a kind of demo stand for the BeagleBoard and the PICO projector to reduce the cable and device chaos a little bit. It is made from an A5 advertisement sheet holder and a cellphone tripod. The photo shows the idea but most of the necessary cables are missing.

BeagelBoard Demo Stand

BeagelBoard Demo Stand

We experienced some trouble with my old B4 BeagleBoard and latest filesystem images but the nice guys from the BeagleBoard/TI booth helped us out with a shiny new one – many thanks!

While we are on it… some more people deserve thanks: Marcin for flyers and his presence at the booth, Philip Balister who spent a lot of time at the booth too as well as pHilipp Zabel, Henning Heinold and Robert Schuster. Then there is Tarent who sponsored and organized the Embedded Area and managed to bring a pretty good supply for coffee :-)

The next important event for OE will be the upcoming OEDEM (the OE Developer Meeting). Please take part in the poll for the date when it should take place. We are still searching for a good location – in central Europe preferrably… suggestions are very welcome.

Have a good time…

PS: If someone has a good picture of the OE booth… I’d like to attach one here to this blog.

Update: Marcin has a photo he took at the OE stand:

Devices at OE Stand

Another photo - by Petra Kirchner

Another photo - by Petra Kirchner



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2. Chris - July 7, 2009

Hi Florian, what’s the laptop on the right on the photo?

3. Florian - July 7, 2009

That’s a Psion Netbook Pro (in fact a LX prototpe, but the only difference is the size of RAM and Flash).

4. Kirtika Ruchandani - December 13, 2009

Been a long time. Waiting eagerly for updates here. :-)

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