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The ‘other’ BeagleBoard March 8, 2009

Posted by Florian in Devices, Linux, Maemo.

I visited the Embedded World fair in Nürnberg on Wednesday this week together with some colleagues. Like always on events like this I stumble upon nice devices with Linux support… in fact embedded hardware like development platforms and devices for industrial use or consumer network stuff without running Linux seems to become uncommon. Just a few years back hackers had to search hard for useful devices or invest a lot of time reverse engineering consumer hardware. Unluckily cellphones are still problematic – even the linux ones are usually locked down so that they are not useful for developers.

But let’s stay with the ‘good’ ones: Karo Electronics showed a new low cost DIMM sized embedded module based on a 400MHz ARM9 CPU (The datasheet mentions Freescale, but lacks the name the chip.) A friend bought a similar one (a TX27) which came with full Linux kernel sources.

A real suprise was the booth of EBV: They build and sell their own BeagleBoard called EBVBeagle.

EBVBeagle (image source: EBV)

EBVBeagle (image source: EBV)

Its actually a BeagleBoard revision C2 with green PCB boxed with some useful accessories. It comes as a quite complete starter kit with AC adapter, USB to Ethernet adapter, MMC card, USB hub and some cables. The official press release can be found here. They claim (but not gurantee) to be able to deliver within two weeks. Looks like the only drawback is the minimum order value of 250 EUR which is – of course – more than the EBVBeagle kit.

Apropos Beagle Board – Maemo (which runs on the BeagleBoard too) has released some new bits. First  Maemo 5 alpha SDK is ready and released. This is pretty good for people using it on the Beagle Board because only the Maemo 5 SDKs support the OMAP3 SoC. For people who want to learn about Maemo development or development for Limux mobile devices in general there is a new Maemo Tutorial release. The Maemo Tutorial provides quite easy to understand and detailed information about Maemo platform and application development. It gives a lot of useful information about development for other Linux mobile device platforms as well.



1. Arne - March 8, 2009

Strange: The board reads ‘EBVElektronik – An AVNET company’ with AVNET being a direct competitor to DigiKey ( the original BeagleBoard distributor )…

But the description and press release do not mention the original beagle board which leaves a bitter taste to me.

2. Loris - March 8, 2009

We still don’t have a free driver for PowerVR video chips, right?

3. Top Posts « WordPress.com - March 11, 2009

[…] The ‘other’ BeagleBoard I visited the Embedded World fair in Nürnberg on Wednesday this week together with some colleagues. Like always on […] […]

4. Christian - March 18, 2009

The minimum order value with EBV is not an issue. I just ordered one of their BeagleBoards for €179.- + 6.50 Shipping + Tax. They claim to deliver within a week.

5. Christian - March 18, 2009

My Order is actually processed by an EBV sales partner: http://amu-electronics.com

6. Florian - April 6, 2009

I got a report that EBV ships the boards and you shouldn’t care about their 250 EUR minimum order…

7. ArteK - April 28, 2009

Where you buy yours ebvbeagle ?

8. André - May 2, 2009

The picture of the EBVbeagle is blue not green. And the site of EBV, when I click sales contact only offers me a link to register to win a EBVbeagle, but I don’t see a link to a place where I could buy one.

Also, has anyone used a EBVbeagle, and how does it compare to the real beagle board? Are there any issues?

9. laurensv - May 6, 2009

Where and how did you buy those ebvbeagle boards? I don’t see the ability to buy it anywhere on that site… Thanks

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