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OE@FOSDEM – We do not sell keyboards! February 12, 2009

Posted by Florian in Devices, Maemo, OpenEmbedded.

Last week I went to Brussels to help representing the OpenEmbedded project as FOSDEM. I did not manage to attend all the interesting talks but we had a pretty good time at the OE stand too. Luckily I managed to atted a talk about running Maemo on the BeagleBoard at least.  I brought the two ‘projecting peripherals‘ and my BeagleBoard with me which gained quite some interest. I somwhow got the impression that quite a lot of the people at FOSDEM now think that OE does sell keyboards ;-) Just to make this very clear: OpenEmbedded is a community driven project about compiling software for mobile and embedded devices – no hardware sales at all!

OE booth with some devices

OE booth with some devices and visitors

But even if we PICO beamer and laser keyboard are not our key competence these were quite well eyecaters: It was very interesting to watch people using the projected keyboard and beamer and find out what they like about it and to get to know for which needs this set of devices does not fit. Combining these into a single case starts to become a very appealing project. I have a (big) case for an initial test already, but making all components fit into it is not that easy – especially if you do not have time and resoures to make a custom board layout for it and you want GSM network connectivity included as well.

Beagleboard and keyboard engine with parts of the case

Beagleboard and keyboard engine with parts of the case

My Telit GSM modem evaluation kit would have been nice to use but its too big to fit into the case. I have ordered an UMTS modem with USB connector instead.

But back to OE:

I have to thank all the OE developers who helped to man the booth – most important Phillip (Crofton), Mans (mru) and Graeme (XorA) who where at the booth almost the whole time. And of course there is Atmel – they sponsored some NGW100 evaluation boards for interested OE developers and one for a raffle among our visitors.

Have a good time…