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OpenEmbedded Devices August 11, 2008

Posted by Florian in Devices, Linux, LinuxToGo, OpenEmbedded.

One of the most frequently asked questions at the OpenEmbedded booth at LinuxTag was about the devices supported by OE. In fact this is not the most interesting question people could ask because adding a new device description to OE is really easy. What you need is a basic idea about your hardware platform and the sources of a Linux kernel for your device. (Yes so far its Linux only, but I do not see a real reason not to build other operating systems with OE. What you have to do is to set some basic information about your device such as architecture, device features and a provider for your kernel (which is described in an extra bb file).  An easy to read example how a device description can look like is h5000.conf (for the HP iPAQ h5000 series devices).

But for the people who want to take a look what is supported currently I have extracted (and edited) the description frome OEs machine configuration files. Since the OE web server including the wiki is down I published the list at LinuxToGo wiki.

Have a lot of fun…


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