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Devices July 28, 2008

Posted by Florian in Devices, GPE, kernel concepts, OpenEmbedded.
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I spend quite some time with Linux on all sorts of interesting devices. There are several ones not yet covered by my blog, so I decided to start a series of postings about devices running Linux. I introduce a new ‘Devices’ category in my blog to cover these hardware related topics.

Currently I am building a GPE filesystem image for the BeagleBoard I won at LinuxTag. They just announced that the board is on sale now.

For the friends of old Geode based web terminals such as the IBM Netvista J320/8365 I have an updated Angstrom based CF card image. It fits on a small 128MB card and comes with GPE and several browsers (gpe-mini-browser, midori and netsurf) to play with. In addition to this external USB touchscreens are supported. The CF image can be found here – if you want to build it yourself you can get kernel and filesystem seperately.

Another new ‘victim’ is the Neon board by Boundary Devices…. but more about these later.

Neon Board

Neon Board



1. Jonas - July 29, 2008

You may want to reconsider using PNG for that photo. And using html attributes to resize it while you’re at it.

It took about a minute to load on p.g.o

2. Florian - July 29, 2008

OOps, by bad… I did link the image instead of uploading it. Now its served by WordPress instead of the slow company webserver. Maybeit takes p.g.o a few minutes to grab the changes.

3. Philippe - July 30, 2008

Is it still gpe-mini-browser or did you try gpe-mini-browser2? I need to catch up again, but summer has been so nice here lately…

4. Florian - August 1, 2008

In the image I have gpe-mini-browser, but I just built gpe-mini-browser2 for the Beagleboard successfully. I’ll try it as soon as I manage to sort out some stability issues with my images.

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