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LinuxTag 2008 summary May 31, 2008

Posted by Florian in GPE, Linux, Maemo, OpenEmbedded.

Linke every year we had a really good time at LinuxTag! It is always a great event talking to interested users, business people and other developers. For the projects sharing this booth such as MyStep, Jalimo, GPE and OpenEmbedded it was a great success. For me it was the first time representing OpenEmbedded at a fair like this – with good results: We had quite some people who knew OE and asked specific questions and many developers with interest in using it.

LinuxTag always gives a lot of inspiration for new things to do and projects to check out. I know about some interesting software we need in OE soon – things like the Sugar framework for the OLPC and x2go. Other important tasks are to publish a list of evices that are defined in OE metadata and pushing the mobile-linux project forward.

In the Maemo track I had a short talk about GPE applications for Maemo – the slides of my talk can be found here. Unluckily I was not able to attend more of the interesting talks in this track. But I found out that the Mamona people seem to like OpenEmbedded at least :-)


The Tarent and Mobile booth right after opening in the morning… it was way more crowded a short time later.


Many thanks to all the people organizing LinuxTag and Tarent for booth and the big red sofa for sitting down to write my blog.



1. LinuxTag 2008 summary - May 31, 2008

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2. InternetTabletBlog » Archiv » Linuxtag 2008 (2): Von Schafen, Kalendern und Programmkatalogen - June 1, 2008

[…] Florian Boor referierte in seinem Vortrag über die Vorzügen der GPE Umgebung für die Maemo-Plattform. Zum Teil realisieren Programme wie GPE-Calendar Funktionen, die ein Tablet im Auslieferungszustand nicht bietet. Die Integration in Maemo ist in bestimmten Teilen (z.B. Alarmfunktionen) schwierig und die Sync-Lösung noch im Alphastadium, dafür funktionieren Termin, Kontakt, Notiz und Aufgabenverwaltung schon sehr gut. Zur Möglichkeit, mit GPE-calendar Termine über ein Webdav-Verzeichnis in beide Richtungen zu “synchronisieren”, werde ich in einem späteren Artikel eingehen. Die Präsentation zum Vortrag von Florian kann in dessen Blog besichtigt werden. […]

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