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Preparing LinuxTag 2008 April 1, 2008

Posted by Florian in GPE, kernel concepts, Linux, OpenEmbedded.

LinuxTag 2008 will be great for people interested in mobile and embedded Linux. I do not know about all the projects that will have a booth there, but GPE, GPE Phone Edition, QuantumSTEP and OpenEmbedded will be there at least. The application for a booth for these projects was accepted some days ago.


LinuxTag is one of the largest and most interesting Open Source events in Europe. It is known to be a great forum for meeting all sorts of people interested in Open Source – LinuxTag attracts developers, business people and users in equal measure. It will take place in Berlin from May 28th till May 31st

A big thanks to the LinuxTag people and the booth sponsors for the opportunity to show what we are doing.

For OpenEmbedded event planning we have a wiki page that can be found here.


1. Philippe De Swert - April 2, 2008

Let s hope I get more features in gpe-mini-browser2 by then. Would be nice to be able to show off our webkit based browser :) (OE build fails atm because of a missing linker flag in the webkit .pc file. Adding -lstdc++ to the Makefiles CFLAGS makes it build in OE too in case you wanted to try it out)

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