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Maemo, S60 and a nice reward March 27, 2008

Posted by Florian in GPE, kernel concepts, Linux, Maemo, Source.

I made some progress porting the multisync-gui to Maemo. The idea is to offer an easy to use graphical user interface for synchronizing data between the Maemo based tablets and other devices. The OpenSync framework that is used offers several plugins for interfacing data sources already. The most interesting ones are the two SyncML ones (HTTP server and client) and the GPE plugin we can use for the PIM applications on the Maemo device.

Sync GUI

Currently it is far from beeing useful, but there are some windows to make screenshots now :-) The first thing I want to archieve is to be able to sync PIM data from a Series60 cellphone.

Speaking about Series60 – I received my Forum Nokia Champion diploma today which came with a great target device for syncing experiments :) Many thanks to Nokia for this nice reward and for the great Forum Nokia Champion program and to Nils who suggested me for it!



1. turn.self.off - March 28, 2008

i know some people that will love this ;)

still, would it be to much to ask to include irmc?

for some reason my non-smart sonyericsson phone needs that one to deal with the calendar syncing.

2. Jan Stöfer - March 28, 2008

Hi Florian,

good news ! IMHO this projekt is far more important than e.g. just another video player for maemo. Probably there are many S60 owners, like me, who need to sync with a maemo device.
Btw., if I can be of any help for your project (testing or possibly coding), please let me know.


3. Phil Willis - March 28, 2008

S60 and N800 would be very handy and I agree 100% with Jan, this would go far to making the N8x0 a practical PIM.



4. Aniello Del Sorbo - March 28, 2008

Damn only S60 ? :)

5. MoRpHeUz - March 29, 2008

It’s a good idea to use opensync to sync stuff with maemo, as you’ll be able to sync not only S60 but also desktops, etc.. have you ever took a look on an app called KitchenSync from kde ?
Maybe it can give you some cool ideas ;-)

6. Ryan - March 30, 2008

KitchenSync, IIRC, is just another GUI (like multisync-gui) for OpenSync. I personally find Multisync-Gui more intuitive, but there’s always room for improvement in software interfaces.

I’ve used MultiSync/OpenSync from my desktop to sync GPE with Evolution for quite some time now, and I’m pretty pleased with how that solution works. (Now just to get it to sync with something on my new Mac…)

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