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Releases and getting rid of a monster July 30, 2007

Posted by Florian in GPE, Maemo, Source, World.

Its quite some time ago since I managed to write down some lines about what’s going on here… so here a few bits that might be interesting in a few lines:

My open source activities are currently focused on getting some releases out in order to prepare new releases of GPE and GPE Phone edition. Today I released gpe-applauncher 0.9 which comes with one important new feature: Easy to use hotkey management. You can define applications to be launched on a certain keypress or internal functions to be triggered in a simple ini-like configuration file. That makes it much easier to adapt gpe-applauncher to various devices with all different button layouts.

gpe-applauncher screenshot

Another activity is playing around with different UIs for gpe-applauncher – I hacked a widget for an extremely simple list-based launcher, but I’m not yet happy with it. You should be able to guess from the screenshot how it is intended to work:

experimental ui

Sorry no BLING yet, but maybe some time in future… ;-)

Another one of todays releases is machined which supplies device specific data (currently only battery and charger information) via DBus to applications. I guess I’ll add some more features… but it is not intended to replace HAL – its meant to be a specialized tool for G(PE)² and maybe GPE too. The main focus of machined is to keep it small and simple.

Apart from these releases I’m trying to get rid of a real monster: A DEC LPS20 turbo printserver… if someone is interested in spare parts for such a machine, please let me know before Wednesday. And no, there is no chance that I ship this one anywhere:-)

dec monster

Some more nice things that happened lately:

Graham built up to date Maemo (770 and N800) packages from GPE SVN. They can be found here. These include gpe-filemanager and Starling (the GPE audio player) now as well as latest libmimedir.

Goxboxlive published an experimental G(PE)² image for the HTC Universal which is available here together with quite al


1. Koen - July 31, 2007

Have you though about using the mokofingerscroll code for the application list?

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