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G(PE)² on a HTC Tornado April 24, 2007

Posted by Florian in GPE, kernel concepts, OpenEmbedded, Source.

With the help of some nice French colleagues I was able to create a GPE Phone Edition image for a HTC Tornado. I was quite impressed how much of the user interface stuff works even without having a touchscreen. Now we only need some hero to make the GSM modem work – using this cute little phone with G(PE)² would be pretty cool. But well even with a working hardware platform there still quite a lot of work to do. The most important missing feature is a working text input method for devices with a numeric keypad.

G(PE)² on HTC Tornado

Many thanks to the people who were involved into porting Linux to these devices, in particular Vivien and Nicolas.

Of course I have images available for testing again. They are available from here. I used the 128MB Mini-SD card shipped with my N800 and put Haret, zImage and the configuration file on a FAT partition. The second partition on the poor SD card contains the ext3 root filesystem. Depending on your filesystem layout on the phone you need to create a directory tree to put the haret configuration in, that path seems to be hardcoded into the binary from Nicolas’ website. Please note that Haret only works on unlocked phones.

If you have comments or questions just drom me a mail… enjoy!


1. Chris Ball - April 24, 2007

Does the wifi work? How will the communication with the GSM module work — is it on a UART or something?


2. Mårten Woxberg - April 24, 2007

You might want to fix that link… a : should help it.

3. fl0rian - April 24, 2007

About WiFi & GSM: I don’t know – the device I have is one without.
There is a source repository with some GSM for it already, I do not know what it actually does but it is definitely worth to try it. Personally I am currently waiting for the updated phonemanager which I hope will make integration of a new GSM backend easier.

Thanks for reporting this broken link – its fixed now.

4. Joshua Layne - April 25, 2007

Thank you for the write-up and the image on this. I already communicated my results in trying to boot (I hadn’t found this page then, but I basically set it up through trial and error exactly how you have it written up) – I definitely was booting into linux, but it was failing mid-boot. Would destroying my current ext3 filesystem and re-extracting it be worth doing? Or is it more likely that I am looking at an incompatibility of my phone (being a USA version or something….) I didn’t want to ask questions like this on the GPEPE devel list, but if you have a blog post on it, I figure it’s fair game……. :)

Anyway, if you have any ideas on how I can further troubleshoot it, I would appreciate it, but it would really only be for the ‘Oh that’s cool’ feeling right now, given the GSM support state of the phone.

5. Leonardo - July 17, 2007

I’d like try GPEPE in my T-mobile SDA, a HTC Tornado with Wifi.
Is it dangerous for the data in my phone?
Can I run Haret without hardreset my phone?

6. fl0rian - July 18, 2007

You will have to make a backup of all data your PPC store in RAM.

7. Joshua Layne - August 1, 2007

So after trying this again (and failing again), I found my way to this site: http://vivien.chappelier.free.fr/typhoon/wince.html and found this note: “Important Note: there is a glitch with the USB gadget driver for now, so you _have_ to boot with the phone plugged to a PC using the USB cable, otherwise the kernel will panic.”

(previously, I had been trying with phone plugged into a USB AC adapter)

I am now failing at the udevd step (or rather, it has stopped there, perhaps it will continue….)

I suppose I should really post this to my own blog… but maybe it is better to have all the info in one place?

8. Aurélien - November 15, 2007

I have a SPV C600 and a 2Go SD card where i have 2 partitions (Fat 32 and Ext2), i put the files but i can only access to the busybox console…
(Excuse-me for my english, i’m french…)

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