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Locked down Wiki March 19, 2007

Posted by Florian in GPE, Source.

The unpleasant GPE vs. handhelds.org story continues… since the move to the new hosting location at LinuxToGo in November last year George France from handhelds.org did everything to block information about the fact GPE moved to a new place.

  • Some key GPE developers were locked out from handhelds.org
  • The old website was restored
  • All links to the new website were removed from the old website and from the Wiki
  • GPE developers were unsubscribed and banned from the old mailinglist
  • The old GPE wiki was locked down so that noone can add a link to the new website and wiki

Unluckily all requests to stop this unfriendly and childish behaviour were ignored. The old website obviously confuses people (one example can be found here) – that’s really what we Open Source developers need for motivation, right :-/

So now again and in public:

George, stop your sensless war against GPE – it is bad for you, it is bad for us and it is bad for the community!

I do not really know if anyone is still interested in this, but would really really love to get back to work instead of wasting my time with fixing damage caused by this useless fight.


1. Peteris Krisjanis - March 19, 2007

I just don’t get it – it is that GPE project is split (POV of handleds.org) or it is something else? Why they insist that move haven’t happened?

Just a innocent bystander (don’t have a handled to play with…yet) :)


2. fl0rian - March 19, 2007

Well… actually I don’t really know. But since noone seems to work on GPE at hh.org or answers mails to the hh.org GPE mailinglist I assume that we moved successfully.
Even some people not directly involved asked George – in the case he wanted to for GPE – to change the name of the project, but nothing happened.

3. mibus - March 19, 2007

How did it all start? The first I noticed was the move happening… mind to share (or link to) some back-story?

(I used to do GPE stuff back in the day, but haven’t been keeping up-to-date… I’ve even switched back to PalmOS, at least for now… ;)

4. HelloWorld - April 28, 2007

Peace people

We love you

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