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GPE Phone Edition on the A780 March 8, 2007

Posted by Florian in GPE, Maemo, Source.

The OpenEZX project makes it possible: I have GPE Phone Edition some sort of running on my Motorola A780. The filesystem image is built with OpenEmbedded and does not need any modifications anymore. It is possible to try it without any persistent modification to the A780 – just put the filesystem on a microSD card and boot the kernel using boot_usb. The filesystem and kernel are available from here.

GPE Phone Edition on A780

To build your own image you can make use of the patch (to fix the Angstrom configuration) and an excerpt of my local.conf. Everything else is in OpenEmbedded (org.openembedded.dev branch) already.

Known issues and limitations:

  1. Touchscreen support in the kernel is still buggy.
  2. Buttons except of the power button do not work
  3. No power management
  4. No support for the modem in our software
  5. Poor usability because of lacking softkeys.

Currently there are some screenshots available at http://scap.linuxtogo.org.

Comments? Questions? Don’t hestitate to contact us on the mailinglists (openezx-devel@lists.gnumonks.org is about the kernel and device, gpephone-devel@linuxtogo.org for the userland stuff).
Image 2


1. LoneStar - March 8, 2007

How is the memory consumption?

2. Cesar Cardoso - March 8, 2007

Great, but… can anyone PLEASE do a image for the E680? ;-)

3. Andrei - March 9, 2007

can’t wait this for E680/i
can u provide for us?

4. sicksand - March 9, 2007

can u worte a howto/step by step?

5. WyrM - March 9, 2007

The same files should work for the e680.

6. fl0rian - March 11, 2007

About memory consumption: We did not do that many tests so far but it should work pretty well with 32MB of RAM.

The E680 should indeed work pretty well with the kernel and userland for the A780. The only thing I that will not work is support for the keys and buttons. (Which is in fact broken for the A780 currently as well.) So do we have anyone with success on the E680?

A short tutorial is a good idea. I will add it to the new wiki at http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/GpePhoneEdition.

7. Cesar Cardoso - March 12, 2007

Tested on my E680. Booted and worked (worked as a ‘demo’ can work).

Only to remember that:
– unpack the roofs on an ext3-formatted card
– use boot_usb to boot the kernel

8. sicksand - March 12, 2007

fl0rian. cool. will look up on that wiki

9. coldfyre - June 12, 2007

hey, how about that wiki :)

10. Dima - February 14, 2008

Hi guys do everyone knows about installing the angstrom on my a780 I’m a newbie in the Linux area so do me a favour send me on my email address step by step user friendly installation
thank you for your attention

11. Dima - February 14, 2008

By the way my Email address is :


12. The3dman - June 4, 2008

Have there ben any updates on this lately?

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