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GPE PIM for N800 / Maemo 3.0 January 8, 2007

Posted by Florian in GPE, Maemo, Source.

Here we go… ready to use packages of GPE-Contacts, GPE-Calendar and GPE-Todo for Maemo 3.0 Bora are available to test. They are expected to work both on the N800 and in the Maemo SDK. Even if they are made with the Maemo 3.0 SDK the packages should work for 2.x as well if you use dpkg –force-depends.

This is GPE-Calendar running on a (real) N800, you see that the screenshot plugin for 2.x still works and even better it appeared just after installing without the need to restart the device.

Please report bugs to the new GPE bug tracker at http://bugs.linuxtogo.org
If you have questions please send an email to the GPE mailinglist
(gpe-list@linuxtogo.org) or try to catch one of us via IRC in #gpe at freenode.net.

You can use the new .install files to install the applications on your device. They can be found here:

Many thanks to Ferenc for creating these! In fact we have to thank him and some more Nokia guys for making it possible to have the updated packages ready at the same time the device is announced. So let’s say it here and now: Many many thanks and well.. you know you guys rock :-)



1. Philip Van Hoof - January 9, 2007

Nice work guys. So when are we going to discuss a little IPC proto for asking the contacts application for contacts, and asking the calendar application to give busy times, put a new task item somewhere, etcetera…


2. John - January 15, 2007

GPE-Calendar would be wonderful if alarms could wake up the device from sleep. Is that possible yet? If not, is it on the horizon? It has been discussed a *very* long time ago on the Maemo.org mailing list…

3. fl0rian - January 16, 2007

There is a little bit light on the horizon – Maemo 3.0 has a documented alarm framework that could be used on the N800 at least. Of course having this on the 770 as well would be great… Now we just need more developers with a little bit free time :-)

4. Florent de Dinechin - February 17, 2007

Hello and thanks,

On my brand new n800 the install files didn’t work: there are a lot of libs missing from the maemo3/bora repository.

Taking them from the maemo2/bora solved the problem, but this is something only a debian old-timer will try. Any reason why they are not copied to the bora repository?

I haven’t kept a list of the missing libs, but a diff on the directory listings will tell you.

Great work anyway. Thanks again.

5. tabster - February 23, 2007

Re “the screenshot plugin for 2.x still works”. Where can I get a hold of this? I want a screenshot utility for the n800. thanks in advance.

6. tabster - February 23, 2007

I found a screenshot app for the n800. By Tuomas Kulve. It works great also. See here:

7. John - February 23, 2007

Looks like the new alarm API exists:


Unfortunately it is blank! Having just bought a N800 this week, I am very interested in having PIM functionality with alarms.

8. John - February 23, 2007

Whoops… the API isn’t blank; you just need to click on the top-most menu to reveal all.

9. Darla - February 25, 2007

Is there any way to import an Outlook calendar?

10. Hampus - March 3, 2007

How can I sync it with Outlook?

11. Luke - March 13, 2007

libgcrypt11 1.2.302mh1
libgpg-error0 1.0-1mh1

The above are missing from GPE Calendar install and when i went to the installed apps, it says GPE Calendar is broken along with some libs.

12. Terry - March 13, 2007

Luke – install the SDk at http://ossostage.cidercone.com/~ferenc/ and it will work..

13. Luke - March 14, 2007

hi terry, i did that. still the same problem.

when u say install the sdk, you mean to add the repo?

14. Luke - March 14, 2007

ok, solved the problem. I checked the install logs and realised that it couldn’t install some of the libs because it clashed with another app called VPNC and VPNC GUI and another lib from Scriptkiller. So I removed those apps and libs and now the installation for GPE PIM works!

I’m new to linux, so it appears sometimes the libs installation can get messed up by another app’s.

15. Nicolas - March 25, 2007

I also had some problems installing the gpe-calendar on the N800 (libgcrypt11 and libgpg-error0 missing).
It was solved by simply including all remaining repositories from the ‘official’ repository list ( http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ApplicationRepositories ) into the Application manager’s application catalogue.

16. Nicolas - March 25, 2007

PS: of course only the repositories for the OS2007.

17. petteri - April 29, 2007

I’m having the same problem with libgcrypt, but I do not understand a single bit what I should select and download from the site Nicolas refers above. Any help appreciated :) since I’d like to have a calendar aboard in my N800.

18. Trevor - May 15, 2007

Hi,I am very interested in gpe calendar & contacts integration. i like gpe alot. & thank you to those who helped make it all happen. I am interested in making an appointment from the contacts. is/will that be
possible soon.? What about outlook sync, import, export, backup, email?
thanks for your time trevor .

19. fl0rian - June 12, 2007

Oops… looks like I forgot to answer some questions.
The problem with the missing libraries should be fixed as soon as you add the development repository. For OS/2007 there are install files (including one for that feed) located here: http://linuxtogo.org/~florian/maemo/index.html

About integration and syncing: Yes the integration still lacks – we need someone to implement these features which should be quite easy.
Import and export should have been improved lately and for backup there are several options: In Maemo the GPE related data is covered by the backup application – GPE installs a definition file for this purpose. Apart from this you can use OpenSync ans sync the data to a file or just copy the “.gpe” subdir to a safe place.

20. Michael - June 26, 2007

I seem to be unable to have events reoccure every first and third Monday of the month. No problem on other days of the week. It seems like monday doesn’t actually exist and the program defaults to reoccuring every Nth day of the month instead. Anyone know of a fix?

21. Saiklor - July 18, 2007

I just bought a n800 and I have never used Linux before. I’d like to have a calendar/appointment book but I haven’t a clue what people here are talking about. Could someone e-mail me with painfully simple instructions? I’m not stupid, just woefully inexperienced at Linux.


22. fl0rian - July 18, 2007

I just did :-)

23. Paul - August 3, 2007

Hi all,

Does anyonw know how the calendar web-publishing works, or has a informative URL that I could visit?

I am trying to sync between an gpeCalendar on an N800 and the Web (I have a web site that I can use if required, if there are no public ones. I just can’t find out any info on how to use it.). And then I would want to sync with XP/Vista(probably Outlook, or maybe a MediaCenter gui. It would be good to have the calendar available by remote control for viewing :-)), so if anyone has tried something similar, I would be very interested and thankful to hear their experiences.

Many thanks,

24. John Sembrot - August 7, 2007

I do not think this software version for the N800 supports the ical (ics) format of online calendars. I think it works on an older webdav version, not sure about what it does work with. Just know that it does not support ics

25. Felix - August 28, 2007

I’m new to this application and have few questions.
How to purge old calender entries?
How to search through calendar events?
Is there any way to move the default storage location of the ‘database’ (calendars and contacts) from internal flash to SD card? I’d like to save the precious internal flash for program only.


26. Vincent - September 16, 2007

Syncing is definetly the missing link in the otherwise great GPE. SyncML would be the way to go as it’s already ported on anything you can think of: Windows, Mac, Linux, PocketPC, Palm, cellphones and even have a free sync server on the net with ScheduleWorld. Sadly, I don’t know anything about Linux programming, otherwise I would be glad to contribute to it.

27. jon - October 13, 2007

has anyone figured out how to hook the n800 to a blackberry? I have a 8700 I can pair the devices but cant get a internet connect.

28. Arnaud Ziéba - November 30, 2007

Great job, definitely a missing piece in the N800 weaponery.
Will search some methods to sync all that, coz that’s what we all want, don’t we ? :-)

29. Anttu - January 10, 2008

This would be fantastic addition to N810 too, but this seems to be not installable to OS2008.

Any schedule when this would be available to newer devices too?

30. Moloukhya - January 19, 2008

I’m also about to buy an n800 but have no experience with linux. I’m eager to learn and love to tweak devices, but haven’t had at it with linux yet. Can anyone show me where to begin?
email me at: moloukhya at gmail dot com


31. Moloukhya - January 19, 2008

Forgot to add I’m very interested in adding these PIM apps.
Thanks again!

32. Satish Tyagi - February 5, 2008

Ckeckin gin to see if any way to import Contacts fiel from MS-Outlook into N800.

33. miko - February 7, 2008

Hello, I am using gpe-calendar on N810. Everything works except alarms. Not only it does not wake-up or ring, but every time I save an event, the alarm time gets reset to “1 minute before”. Is this a known problem?
Anyways, thanks for excellent PIM application suite for my tablet ;)

34. miko - February 7, 2008

Sorry! The “bug” in the last message was my fault! I did not check a checkbox. Sorry again!

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[…] GPE for Nokia N800 […]

37. Antonio - March 14, 2008

I have recenty bought a N800 and have a month to try it out.
I am very interested in syncing GPE (which I already installed) with a Nokia 6230 phone.
I found this page, http://www.cobb.uk.net/NokiaIT/index.html, which explains how to do this,
but since I am new to Linux I need extra help. Has anybody done this
and could explain how to use the referred files on the N800.

Thanx in advance

38. | Creeva's World 2.0 - May 9, 2008

[…] show up I decided to take my N810 onto the guest wifi.   While doing that I installed Vim and the GPE suite.   I’m going to be working on getting GPE calender to sync with Google Calender.   I […]

39. regzim - June 23, 2008

I have a Palm Tungsten T3 and want to get a N810. Every night I sync my Palm using Bluetooth to my Win2K computer so I’m up to date on everything up to at least a 24 hour basis in case something happens to my (t)rusty ol’ T3. Several times I’ve had to reboot my Palm from nothing when it melted down and froze and I had to do a hard reset, which wipes everything; but no problem because I fed it back in from my computer. So far I’ve seen info here on backing up an N-series to SD/ a cell/ internal memory, but I’m more interested in backing up EVERYTHING on the device, not just GPE, to an external computer using bluetooth or wifi whenever I want (sometimes several times a day- I’m paranoid but have never regretted it). The reasons for my backups are along the “my device might get run over/get dropped in a lake/ get fried” line of reasoning, as well as the convenience of manipulating data on a desktop, then syncing so the data are on the N810. Palm does this easily as a standard, and so far it’s been the dealbreaker that’s kept me from buying one(if I have to get a Linux desktop, fine).

40. regzim - June 23, 2008

I know absolutely nothing about Linux, BTW, but am hungry to learn.

41. Dalorion - November 8, 2009

I need help with installing GPE Suite. (BTW, what exactly is the Suite?) I’ve installed the todo, file manager, timesheet, and contacts apps. However, cannot install GPE calendar due to ‘missing’ libs. I’ve added the repositories that were supposed to have the missing libs but it didn’t change anything…

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