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GPE on the Motorola A780 November 11, 2006

Posted by Florian in GPE.

While building a usable kernel for the A780 seems to be really complicated it turned out to be easy getting shell access on the device and use my own filsystem on a SD card. The touchscreen interface is the same like known from multiple iPAQ devices and the common framebuffer X server can be used. We currently do not really know how to make use of the GSM modem, but as a PDA it is quite useful in this way.

A780 with GPE

Maybe i should have cleaned the phone before taking the photo :-)

If you managed to make GPE run on  on a new device, need help with this or want to improve GPE to un on multiple devices please vist us at http://gpe.linuxtogo.org or mail to the mailinglist.



1. David Nielsen - November 11, 2006

Now all it needs is a bit of Tango love

2. sb - November 11, 2006

Can you still use it as a phone when it’s running GPE? What are the drawbacks?

3. Jakub Steiner - November 12, 2006

The icons… hurt.

4. fl0rian - November 12, 2006

Oh looks like Jakub and David share one opinion… but Jakub, didn’t you draw some of these icons? ;) Well… i could say the same about some software i wrote, but luckily code is usually not visible like icons.
But i think you are right, a more modern and consistent set of icons is one of my dreams for GPE. Soneone on the GPE mailinglist claimed to do some work in this area but suddenly disappeared. We really lack someone sorting out these issues
and design a really good theme for GPE.

About using it as a phone while running GPE:
In theory yes, but i don’t know if we have enough knowlege about how to use the daemon that does the communication with the modem. If we have this information we could adapt some frontend (e.g. Gomunicator) easily or just write a specialized one. Apart from this i don’t see major problems with this… ah key mappings seem to be completely wrong so this area would need some love as well.

5. Motorola A780 with GPE! « Linux, Embedded & FVWM - November 13, 2006

[…] Yeah, Florian runs GPE on the Motorola A780 device. Link: https://fl0rian.wordpress.com/2006/11/11/gpe-on-the-motorola-a780/ Opublikowany przez univac Zamieszczone w Linux, Embedded […]

6. Diary of a CrazyFrench - November 18, 2006

Linux on phones

Linux on phones is spreading.

Installing GPE on a Motorola A780. But for now you lose the phone functionality.

OpenMoko or the open source platform for cell-phone with a decent price. They claim to be exclusively open source. It is based on

7. Sam Dutton - November 20, 2006

…and there’s always the Qtopia Greenphone: http://www.trolltech.com/products/qtopia/greenphone.

8. wilee - January 14, 2007

Hacking on the A780 goes on :)

9. wilee - January 14, 2007
10. cristianna - May 16, 2009

how can i make my motorola A780 a modem?
please send the answer to email lina_chocoholic@yahoo.com.

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