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GPE moved to linuxtogo.org November 10, 2006

Posted by Florian in GPE, Maemo, Source.

What a day – Nils finally announced that GPE is hosted at linuxtogo.org now. We have a much better development platfom now including Subversion, GForge, our own Bugzilla and much more important: All degrees of freedom we need. I am really happy we managed this after all these fights.

The new website is located at http://gpe.linuxtogo.org

For information about accessing sources, the mailinglist or if you want to join the project take a look at the GForge project page.

The really sad thing is that the message i prepared for the handhelds.org website to say “thank you” was censored by Handhelds.org Inc. I take this as a strong indication that it was a good decision to move to linuxtogo.org and handhelds.org is not a good place for open source projects anymore. Thinking about the history of handhelds.org and this incident today makes me really sad…

Ok, time to get some sleep – and tomorrow is a new day, a day i can spend with useful development instead of stupid fights.
Oh, i forgot… i want to start a new collection of images from events with GPE (e.g. LinuxTag or Cebit) – i would be happy with any contributions!


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