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IpaqZaurus July 19, 2006

Posted by Florian in GPE, World.

Sometimes i am really happy what OpenEmbedded can do for us… after adding some iPAQ specific bits to the OpenZaurus 354x branch i was able to build a GPE based OpenZaurus filesystem image for the iPAQ h3900 platform. It is expected to work on all h39xx and h5xxx iPAQ models. I tested it successfully on a h5550. There are some rough edges but for for just moving a distribution to a new platform its quite impressive. Compared to Familiar it feels a little bit faster and its more up to date even if some of the latest GPE bits didn’t make it into the relase.

If someone is interested in trying it – i uploaded a slightly modified image and a (finally) working OZ (softfloat) toolchain to this location:


If more people are interested in this it might be worth to keep the iPAQ support in OZ up to date. Feedbacks really welcome – for chats you can catch me in #gpe and #linuxtogo at freenode.net.



1. David E. Hayman - September 14, 2006

Would this work on a Ipaq 3800?

2. fl0rian - September 14, 2006

Not this one, but it would be quite easy to do the same for the h3[6,7,8]xx models.

3. David E. Hayman - September 28, 2006

How much work would it be to have the 3900 version work on a 3800, aside from the bluetooth aren’t they very similar? My old 3800 hit the floor and the earphone jack snapped off the mainboard. The sound doesn’t work on it anymore but everything else does. I just got a Zaurus SL-C1000 with OZ The SD card that came with it seems to work but I can get it to recognize the two MMC cards I have or my magicstor 4.0 GB Microdrive. It seems to want to use the microdrive in Memory mapped mode and not ATA mode. Is there a best way to format these cards?

4. fl0rian - September 30, 2006

Yes they are quite similar – the difference is mostly the fact that the compiler optimisations are different and the h3600 platform needs a different kernel package. But changing this manually is a little bit nasty – e.g. you need the kernel in the jffs2 image to boot. It would be easier to add the necessary stuff to the OpenZaurus branch in OE. Another advantage of this would be that we could use this in future to build updated images.

I’d suggest to use ext2 for the SD card and ext3 for the Microdrive. The journal for ext3 might cause a shorter lifetime of flash devices… so its more safe to use ext2 in this lkind of devices.

5. Fred - September 30, 2007

Hi – I know this post is now old, but I only recently came across it. I have used the gpe-image-pda- image on a 3950, but it doesn’t recognise the SD card. Is this a known issue with a known solution?

Apologies if this is an inappropriate place to ask.

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