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GPE PIM Applications for OS 2006 June 11, 2006

Posted by Florian in GPE, Maemo.

Here we go… a shiny new set of GPE application packages is available here. The packages contain latest bits and they still have quite some rough edges. The location is still no working repository, but that will be one of the things going to happen soon. Bug reports and some help getting things right to make support for the Nokia 770 perfect are always welcome.

GPE-Calendar has been completely reworked and features multiple calendars as well as support for remote calendars using single ics files (e.g. Google Calendar). It is able to handle alarms on its own as long it is running – but there is hope for an alarm feature because OS 2006 ships an alarm clock supporting alarms while the device is off already.

GPE-Todo running on a 770 with OS 2006 beta:

gpe-todo os 2006

GPE-Calendar – calendar list:

claendar list

GPE-Calendar – creating a new calendar:

new calendar

Some known issues are:

  • Remote calendar access does not support SSL.
  • Calendar UI needs some polishing.
  • Some packages lack information about dependencies.
  • Calendar startup takes long and provides no feedback.



1. Olivier Berger - June 11, 2006

Where should the bug-reports go ? Any link in your post possible ? ;)

2. Neal Walfield - June 11, 2006
3. Rum Fuhling - June 11, 2006

Are there any plans to support GroupDAV based servers in addition to the single calendar subscriptions?

4. Andrew - June 24, 2006

Is there any way to get a quick d/l of all the necessary packages? What about a Catalog where we can use the built-in installer in Maemo?

5. fl0rian - June 25, 2006

Yes, you can use the Application Manager now – use these parameters:
Address: http://www.kernelconcepts.de/~fuchs/nokia770/ex_2006
Distribution: ./

Leave the components field empty.

6. tigan - June 30, 2006

Can you please provide a step-by-step process on how to install this app;ication on 770?

Thanks – Tigan

7. fl0rian - July 3, 2006

Installing is pretty easy: You need to add the package repository with the “Application Manager” tool. Use Menu->Tools->Application Catalogue and enter the settings mentioned in comment nr. 5.
Let the application update the feeds and select “Install new applications” from the main view. You just need to install the applications itself (gpe-calendar, gpe-contacts, gpe-todo) – all the depending libraries are installed automatically.

8. cagilaba - July 19, 2006

This is great news. I downloaded todo and calendar, haven’t played with them too much but they seem like nice, simple apps that get the job done.

One odd thing though — it seems to be impossible to put gpe-todo into full screen mode. No option on the menu and the full screen button doesn’t do anything. With screen real estate at a premium, it would be nice to have this feature.

Anyway, thanks for these useful apps.

9. db - November 2, 2006

HI! How can i make the Gcal sync work? I created a new calendar, seleted subscribe and entered the private ical/.ics url of my google calendar.
The error message I recieve: Cannot resolve hostname.
Otherwise I can browse the web so it doesn’t seem to be a DNS issue.
Any ideas?

10. Gunnar - November 21, 2006

Same problem here – did you (or anyone) figure this out yet?

11. gunnar - November 21, 2006

Did anyone reply to the above Q on Gcal? I have the exact same problem
with GPE vs Google Calendar.

12. fl0rian - November 22, 2006

Sounds like a bug, that would be a topic for the GPE mailinglist (gpe-list@linuxtogo.org) or just file a bug against gpe-calendar.

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