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Lua for the small May 16, 2006

Posted by Florian in GPE, Maemo, Source.

After a long fight against bad Makefiles i managed to build and use Lua and the Lua GTK bindings for Familiar.

Lua is a small interpreted programming language which might be useful on mobile devices. Its not that powerful like Python but easy to use and is able to live aon devices with small memory and flash. For GPE (and maybe for Maemo) it might be interesting to create small tools and plugins. There are several additional Lua packages available providing easy access to common C APIs (e.g. databases including SQLite) and various other tools. For mobile device hackers Lua has a great advantage over compiled languages: You can hack on the device itself without having a PC for your biig toolchain. This screenshot was made on my iPAQ showing a simple GTK UI written in Lua.Lua on iPAQ

Installable packages for up to date Familiar 0.8.4rc images (should run on olders too but installing will need some force) can be found here. All build descriptions for OpenEmbedded are available from the org.openembedde.dev branch.
If you want to start hacking now you should consider install the minimalistic multi-tabbed editor vmedit which is available from the same location together with some example Lua files. VEdit
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1. john - May 17, 2006

Cool! This really interests me as a simple language for the 770!

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